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Be it hemp or CBD, the industry is proving to be an inevitable force nationally and globally. As a state that prides itself on its agricultural capacities, it would be a disservice to allow our general lack of understanding towards the plant to prevent us from positioning ourselves to reap the economic, environmental and societal benefits it has to offer.

As we witness the evolution of cannabis and it’s legislature, it’s reasonable to predict the infrastructure of the industry by observing the current structure of the alcohol industry; several large draft conglomerates coexisting with profitable craft microbreweries.

At All Wellness LLC, less is more. To avoid the mad dash towards industrial capacity/vertically integrated companies, we seek to cultivate a local small-grow and community-based storefront to facilitate boutique quality products with the attention to detail each plant (and consumer) deserves. This allows for minimal manipulation of the plant from seed to final product and an unadulterated brand and process that emulates the symbiotic lifestyle we seek to encourage in our community.

Additionally, such a model would be a candidate for a coherent transfer to our home country of Ghana, whose people could greatly benefit from the plants industrial/environmental applications with minimal outside intervention.

From our perspective, there is no feasible cannabis business model without community engagement and education. By leveraging the growing progressive community in and providing consumers have the opportunity to integrate themselves into our process.

Anyone can unlock the benefits of this plant, the key is an educated and open mind. We want to supply the keys.

Owner and Founder

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